5 With Friends – Event Planners NI

07 March 2019

Next in our 5 with friends series are the wonderfully talented team at Event Planners NI. This is somewhat of a new friendship, but boy do we see it lasting for forever. We absolutely love having the EP team onsite. They have such an eye for design and transform The Ivory Pavilion time after time. We hear from Julie-Anne and her views on The Ivory Pavilion and 2019 predictions.

What are the key styling trends for 2019?
Couples are investing more in table top settings than before and hiring unique charger plates and accessories that are often mismatched to pair with accent linens.  A beautiful table cloth is a must for 2019. It’s about texture and quality, not necessarily colour.  Colours are more muted or metallic, not bright and loud in nature.  We expect to see something new and exciting in ceiling treatments. The greenery look has been around for sometime and couples are ready for something new and exciting to take its place. Stay tuned!  Simple dance floors are back for next year and gone will be the monogram and light up trend.  Metallics have been massively popular this year and look set to stay around. Since everyone wants to take photos at weddings now, the coloured lighting trend is done! Couples don’t want pink or purple lighting and all the photos to come out purple. Instead, no coloured lighting at all is in. Just beautiful mood lighting to set the tone or using an amber hue that makes everyone look good is on trend.

2)  What EP Design products showcase The Ivory Pavilion best?
All of them!! lol!  Our soft mood lighting warms up the marquee space to create atmosphere and intimacy while our custom backdrops create a focal point for top table spaces that pop in photographs.  Our accent table linen in a variety of colours and luxury mirror tabletops are always a winning look at the Ivory Pavilion.

3) Why choose the Ivory Pavilion for your wedding?
As wedding suppliers, we work in a variety of venues across Ireland.  At the Ivory Pavilion we were immediately struck by the high level of service and attention to detail in each level of a couples wedding preparations.  The team is friendly, professional and accommodating and couples feel confident in how their Big Day is going to be delivered.  The grounds are beautiful and the blank canvas marquee makes it the dream space for ourselves as decor stylists and any couple wanting to customise their wedding venue to reflect their individual style and taste.

4) What’s the most important factors for a couple to consider when choosing their wedding styling?
A couple’s wedding style should reflect them in every discipline, not just confined to the wedding world.  As a starting point, we recommend that you pinpoint designs and styles others have already created in interior design and graphic art. We encourage them to consider their favourite restaurants, shops and window displays, even more, tangible items like wallpaper and linens they love.  When you have collected a range of styles you love the hardest part can then be eliminating things that don’t fit the bigger picture.  While your style needs to reflect you as a couple it also needs to be appropriate for the setting.  A traditional ballroom, for example, will not necessarily be complemented by more rustic details.  It needs to feel authentic.
When choosing your style try to use the essence of a theme rather than a literal interpretation.  For example, instead of fringed flapper bridesmaid dresses at a Gatsby style wedding, instead, opt for a fringed detail on the tops of the chairs. Take elements from the theme and deconstruct them so everything doesn’t become very obvious and “themey”!

Final tip – when you have chosen your style, stop looking!  A huge source of stress for wedding couples is that fear what else is out there.  Choose your style, commit to it and allow your decor stylists to create something special!

5)  What makes EP Design and The Ivory Pavilion the perfect match?
The wedding world is a diverse arena!  It is important for couples that their wedding venue is paired with suppliers that compliment them and really get their ethos.  From EP’s first wedding at The Ivory Pavilion, something clicked.  The attention to detail and focus on good customer service is something we both take very seriously to ensure the each and every client has the very best day possible; memorable for all the right reasons.

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